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Where are we located?

To come to Lombok, direct flights are available from Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and as well from Indonesian main cities.


From other destinations, we advise you to transit through Bali or Jakarta.


Segara Lombok is located on the most famous part of the island: its south coast!


A perfect compromise to get easily to its most beautiful landscapes, heavenly beaches or its small popular tourist town: Kuta Lombok!



Leisure and activities

Relaxing does not mean to get bored!

Lombok is a hidden gem of nature and culture.

Whether you prefer cultural excursions, sport activities or simply relaxing walks, Lombok island will surprise you with the variety of entertainment it offers.

Best activities appreciated by travellers:

Stay active


Segara Lombok Activities Yoga



Enjoy the nature

Underwater World

Segara Lombok Activities Heavenly Beaches

Heavenly Beaches

Segara Lombok Activities – Amazing Landscapes

Amazing Landscapes

Discover the culture

Segara Lombok Activities Handicraft


Segara Lombok Activities Food



Relax yourself

Traditional Massages


Segara Lombok Activities Meditation


And so much more!

To reach the main surfing spots in South Lombok,

Segara Lombok is located: